What’s New???

What's New
21 Sep

What’s New???

First Choice Charters have been busy in September with the rollout of a new state of the art GPS Tracking and Vehicle Management and Reporting System supplied by Pinpoint Communications in conjunction with Combined Communications.

Every vehicle in the fleet will have instant tracking capability. New Digital 2 Way Radios are also being installed in every vehicle to better enhance our on-road communication from our fleet to our Ops  Centre and vehicle to vehicle. Our on road Supervisors will also have complete command over our vehicle movements every hour of the day.

The addition of the tracking and monitoring system to our fleet will enhance First Choice Charters services to another level. It will bring swifter and better performance in which all our customers can enjoy.

Monitoring and tracking systems have been making a big impact in the group transportation market as transport companies understand the benefits they bring to their operations.

The customers also reap the benefits of the features and benefits of such systems that include the management of the everyday activity of the vehicle fleet which improves driver performance, increases efficiencies, adds passenger safety and allows for real time reporting.

First Choice Charters take passenger safety as their number one priority and the new fleet management system provides comprehensive and customised hazard reduction.

All will be monitored at our new Operations Headquarters at Breakfast Point( Concord) in Sydney’s Inner West.

The month of September has also been busy with the addition of 3 extra Charter Buses to keep ahead of demand.


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