North Sydney Suburbs – Forest District

North Sydney Suburbs - Forest District
29 Jan

North Sydney Suburbs – Forest District

The Forest District is the general name for the area north of Sydney, locally referred to as The Forest, it is located in the local government area of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

The Forest is aptly named, and fully describes the region that lies in the bushland of the Kuring-gai Chase National Park & the Garigal National Park.

The Forest District is further split into seven suburbs: Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Belrose, Davidson, Killarney Heights, Terrey Hills and Duffys Forest.

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Things to do in Forest District

There are five major areas that comprise the Forest District are: Bantry Bay, Austlink, Skyline, Wakenhurst and Sorlie.

Bantry Bay

When in the Bantry Bay area of the Forest District a great walk to embark on is the Seaforth Oval – Natural Bridge, this great scenic trail is crammed full of history. Especially the stunning but difficult descent into Bantry Bay by the Timber Gaters trail.

Halfway down the track crosses the Old Bullock trail which dates back to 1856 when it was constructed to bring timber from the sawmills in the forest to the shores of Bantry Bay.

Bantry Bay follows the waterfront up to the Bluff, if you are brave enough to attempt this climb you will be rewarded with excellent views of Middle Harbour. Continuing the trail you will eventually encounter the Natural Bridge trail.

Wakenhurst Parkway

Wakenhurst Parkway is rumoured to be the most haunted road in Australia, the notorious road is near to Frenchs Forest part of the Forest District. It dissects the large Garigal National Park and goes past Deep Creek Reserve. This secluded spot has become notorious for gruesome murders and the dumping of bodies.

It is also famous for numerous fatal car crashes and is supposed to be the most dangerous road in New South Wales, and when the sun sets the road takes on an eerie perspective and most locals do not navigate the road at night.

Drivers have left stories that they experienced strange feelings and shivers down their spines as they drive along Wakenhurst Parkway at night. They have also told of mechanical problems, mysterious engine problems and highlight failings as they drive through this deserted piece of highway.

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The Forest District of Sydney is a great place to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, to take some fresh air and to enjoy the outdoor exercise. And there is no better was of discovering it than in a luxury modern vehicle chartered from First Choice Charters.

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