What to Expect From The Wise Old Wisemans Tour

What to Expect From The Wise Old Wisemans Tour
5 Apr

What to Expect From The Wise Old Wisemans Tour

Only one hour from Sydney, nestled into the heartland of the Hawkesbury river is the wonderful settlement of Wisemans Ferry. Surrounding the rustic town are the national parks of Dharug, Yego, Marramarra and Catti.

The village is encased all round by sandstone escarpments, and the area is rich with all manner of convict and colonial heritage.

The best way to undertake a tour of Wisemans Ferry is by a coach charter from First Choice Charters, who are the specialist group transportation company in and around Sydney.

Wisemans Ferry

Wisemans Ferry was originally called Lower Portland Headland, but changed its name to honour Solomon Wiseman, who was a former convict and was granted land in the area.

Wiseman established a ferry service on the Hawkesbury River in 1827 to transport provisions to the convicts building the Great North Road.

Wisemans Ferry Crossing

One of the delightful features on a coach tour to Wisemans Ferry is the ferry itself. A trip on the Hawkesbury river provides a great part of the escape to the country, and on one of the most pleasant modes of transport.

You can take your time enjoying the natural beauty while you glide along the water quietly on board the ferry. The Wisemans Ferry runs 24 / 7 and is free.

Wisemans Ferry Tour

There are plenty of things to do and see on a chartered coach tour of Wisemans Ferry. There is a picturesque golf course that hugs the banks of the river. Or you could amble along the Convict Trail which takes a couple of hours there and back. The trail has signposts instructing the walker of the road’s unique history, look out for convict graffiti, the remains of a well, building foundations and stocks as well as Hangman’s Cave.

Wisemans Inn Hotel is a must on a visit, it was Solomon Wiseman’s original residence and the old sandstone building is quite enchanting. You can also cruise the Hawkesbury River, departing the main wharf on weekends. Or pay a visit to the Ferry Artists Gallery which is located in the village centre and displays original local artwork and hand crafted pieces.

The Wisemans Ferry’s Historic Cemetery also is well worth a visit, you can piece together the history of the region through the stories written on the headstones. Solomon Wiseman is buried here also, along with many villagers who tragically lost their lives during the hardships of colonial life.

Dine in Wisemans at quaint local cafes, or bring a picnic lunch and choose your very own riverside location. And finally there is always Bushwalking around the hills and local national parks to partake in.

If you are interested taking a chartered coach to Wisemans Ferry then First Choice Charters are your ideal partners. First Choice are the experts in coach tours around Wisemans Ferry and the Sydney area, and have the perfect vehicles and drivers to make sure your tour is a memorable experience.


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