Choosing The Right Coach Charter Company

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18 Apr

Choosing The Right Coach Charter Company

If you have a group trip coming up and need to arrange a reliable coach charter company, how do you go about selecting one?

There are a few very pertinent factors that you should evaluate before taking the plunge and hiring the first name that appears in your Google search is not to be advised.

For many people that contact First Choice Charters it is the first time of such an experience. Engaging a coach company is not an everyday occurrence, and some of the reasons for bus hire and coach charter include: weddings, birthday celebrations, bucks & hens parties, corporate events and many more, these do not come about on a daily basis.

So what factors should you take into consideration?


First and foremost you probably have a budget to work to, but do not let this be the most defining and overriding factor. Often the cheapest is definitely not the best option and may not offer the best value for money.

Purpose of Charter

The vehicle you charter has to be fit for purpose, what is your charter for? There is no point whatsoever chartering a 60 seat touring coach if your purpose is to take your eight mates on a city centre bucks night. By the same token, hiring a bendy bus for a two day tour of the Gold Coast would be inappropriate.

Whatever vehicle you charter it must be suitable and fit for purpose, this may well have an effect on your budget.

Charter Company

Always select a recognised and reputable coach and bus charter company, like First Choice Charters. Select a company that has a good trading history and has seasoned and professional transport personnel at the helm.

Ask for recommendations before you hire, does the company have a history in dealing with the kind of charter you require? Also enquire about service histories, time scheduling, safety records etc.

Inspect Vehicle Before Taking the Trip

When the vehicle arrives for your charter make sure you leave enough time to inspect it before your passengers arrive. Visually check tyres, look for bald spots and the general condition of the coach.

Inspect seat belts and that everything that you have requested is on board and in good working condition. Talk to the driver, see how long he has been with the company. Ask about your destination, has he been there before?


Lastly, but the most important of all requirements is safety. Do not put the safety of yourself or your party at risk, no matter how cheaply you can charter a coach for. The paramount requirement of any coach charter or bus hire is that all passengers enjoy their excursion and get home safely.

If you are looking for reliable bus hire in Sydney or coach charter services then First Choice Charters are ready to assist.

For more information and to get your free quote, either use our equote request form, or contact our friendly team now.

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